What are the intentions of Muslims in America? A local activist told a Republican club Monday night that Muslims are intent on overthrowing America. But the Tarrant County medical examiner, who is Muslim, denounced such remarks as hate speech.

Dorrie O’Brien was booked months ago to speak to the North Tarrant Republican Club. She riled local Muslims last month when she delivered a speech to a Republican club in Hurst in which she said most or all American Muslims support terrorism.

After hearing that O’Brien was going to give a similar presentation to another Republican club, Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani requested time to deliver a rebuttal, North Tarrant Republican Club president Paul Enlow said.

In her presentation to about 80 people, O’Brien said that Muslims are intent on converting the Western world to Islam. She described as “stealth jihad” a malicious effort by Muslims to subvert schools, local governments and banks throughout the country.

O’Brien reviewed the five pillars of Islam, noting that one of them is zakat, which means to give a percentage of one’s income to charity. “There is a tremendous amount of proof out there that the zakat is now funding terrorism,” she said.

O’Brien also compared the Quran to the Bible and dismissed any suggestion that atrocities committed by Christians in the past were relevant to a debate about the present.

“I am not going to get into a theological discussion tonight, but I will flatly say, no, there is no way we are praying to the same God,” she said.

O’Brien left the meeting before Peerwani’s talk.

He spent part of his speech correcting factual errors in O’Brien’s presentation and reminding the audience of the history of religious persecution, including the Holocaust.

“We need to be vigilant because hate speech can destroy our country,” Peerwani said. “I find out today I am part of a sleeper cell and some day someone is going to wake me up and I am going to declare jihad. That is news to me.”

Peerwani also said that much of his donations to charity went to groups such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. (More)


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