El Paso, TX — A Texas man was indicted Thursday for an alleged arson
attack on the Islamic Center in El Paso.

The Islamic Center contains the only mosque in the El Paso area, the
Justice Department said.

The government alleges on Sept. 17, Antonio Nunez-Flores of El Paso
fashioned two incendiary devices and threw one at the Islamic Center.

Children playing in the area ran away as the gasoline filled bottle
shattered on the ground, the government said.

The first device scorched the ground but failed to explode. The government
said Nunez-Flores lit the second device and placed it near a natural gas
meter, but it was discovered and extinguished before it could explode.

The charges against Nunez-Flores carry a maximum penalty of 100 years in
prison and a $1.25 million fine.

The indictment is the second time this year that a person has been charged
with threatening or using violence against the Islamic Center. On Sept. 30,
another El Paso man pleaded guilty to sending a threatening e-mail


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