I’ve read countless articles and letters asking for moderate American Muslims to speak up and condemn terrorism. We are speaking up, but who is listening? Muslims in America are a minority. That small minority is trying its best through their everyday lives to make sure that an accurate and true picture of Islam is portrayed. The sad truth is that the media are never fair in representing Muslims — bad news always overshadows the good.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), other Islamic organizations and mosques around the country and world have always condemned the injustice being done in the name of Islam. CAIR has set up an online petition, “Not in the Name of Islam,” to separate those acts from true Islam (www.cair-net.org). Instead of the media and others being so critical of our efforts, they should come to our aid. Change does not happen overnight, but make no mistake that Muslims are stepping up to the plate.


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