Secretary-General Kofi Annan will open a seminar on “Confronting
Islamophobia: Education for Tolerance and Understanding” at United Nations
Headquarters in New York on 7 December. The seminar will be the second in a
series entitled “Unlearning Intolerance”, organized by the Educational
Outreach Section in the Outreach Division of the United Nations Department
of Public Information (DPI).

The series aims to examine different manifestations of intolerance and
explore ways to promote respect and understanding among peoples. As its
name suggests, the “Unlearning Intolerance” series offers opportunities to
discuss how intolerance, wherever it exists and for whatever reason, can be
“unlearned” through education, inclusion and example.

Part of DPI’s mission is to bring together voluntary organizations,
educators and other components of civil society for discussions with the
United Nations system on issues that are not just universal in their scope,
but have a direct and palpable impact upon the lives of children, women and
men everywhere. This series falls squarely within that effort.

It also responds to a specific request to DPI from the Committee on
Information (a committee of the United Nations General Assembly), asking
the Department help disseminate information relevant to the “dialogue among
civilizations” and the “culture of peace”.

The seminar will be held at United Nations Headquarters in Conference Room.
For more information or register, please write including your name and
affiliation to: Vikram Sura, Educational Outreach Section, Outreach
Division, Department of Public Information, e-mail:, tel:
212-963-8274, fax: 917-367-6075; or Lisa Krutky, Educational Outreach
Section, Outreach Division, DPI, e-mail:, tel: 917-367-3609,
fax: 917-367-607


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