US officials have admitted they are holding 10,000 prisoners in Iraq, double the number previously reported, including six claiming to be Americans and two who say they are British.

“They didn’t fit into any category,” said Brigadier General Janis Karpinski of the 3,800 extra people who have now been classified as “security detainees…”

Asked if they had any rights or had access to their families or legal help while they were being “secured”, she said: “It’s not that they don’t have rights … they have fewer rights than EPWs (enemy prisoners of war).”

There were previously some 600 people classified as security detainees, so that category now numbers about 4,400, said General Karpinski.

There are 300 enemy prisoners of war, and about 5,300 criminals or suspected criminals in detention, making a rough total of 10,000, she added…


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