EAR FALLUJAH, Iraq – Fingerprint and iris scans will be used to track
civilians returning to Fallujah, which was only last month wrested away
from rebels, the US marines’ top commander in Iraq said Thursday.

But while the Sunni-Muslim enclave has been mostly cleared of rebels,
intimidation remains a problem in tackling the insurgency amid continued
attacks on Iraqi security forces throughout Iraq, Lieutenant General John
Sattler said.

The scans are one of several measures coalition forces are putting in place
amid fears that insurgents hiding among the tens of thousands of refugees
expected to return to the battered city in coming weeks will renew their
violent campaign against US and Iraqi troops.

“When people start to return, military aged men will be entered into a
biometric (system). Their fingerprint and iris scans will be taken and they
will be given an ID card,” Sattler said…

But this will be the first time the system is used on civilians in Iraq,
said Major Francis Piccoli, spokesman for the 1st Marine Expeditionary
Force, who acknowledged there has been some opposition to the measure..


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