A “laughing” schoolboy was behind bars today for a “ferocious” attack which
left a university graduate blind and bedridden.

The 14-year-old launched the unprovoked assault after spotting devout
Muslim Yasir Abdelmouttalib wearing “traditional” garb as he made his way
to a local mosque for Friday afternoon prayers.

After spitting at him repeatedly, the teenager, who cannot be named for
legal reasons, snatched up a road sweeper’s broom and knocked him to the

Then, as his victim lay stunned and helpless, he continued the “savage”
attack, hitting his head “like a croquet ball”.

He then laughed as ran off with a couple of friends.

London’s Harrow Crown Court heard the injured 22-year-old is still in
hospital more than five months later and is not expected to recover..


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