Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan may seek a new US visa to replace
one whose revocation prevented him from taking up a post at Notre Dame
University, a US officials said.

“Doctor Ramadan is able to reapply for another visa,” State Department
deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said.

The Swiss-based scholar was expected at Indiana’s Notre Dame University’s
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies this week, until his visa
was revoked late last month.

The US State Department revoked the visa, issued in February, on July 28 on
the recommendation of officials in the Department of Homeland Security.

Ereli did not explain why the visa was canceled, citing the confidentiality
of visa records.

“Mister Ramadan’s visa was revoked pursuant to an action by the Department
of Homeland Security to invalidate the petition on which it was based,”
Ereli said.

“And he is not ineligible for applying for a visa, nor is he ineligible to
receive a visa,” Ereli said.

“But this particular visa that was issued based on the Department of
Homeland Security petition had to be revoked.”

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency within the
US Department of Homeland Security, had declined Tuesday to comment on the
specifics of the case.

“Generally speaking, the criteria for revocation is public safety or
national security,” Russ Knocke said..


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