(AgapePress) – A Virginia-based missions ministry has dispatched teams to
several of the Asian countries devastated by the December 26th tsunami and
is helping to fulfill disaster victims’ needs even as it works to fulfill
the Great Commission.

Advancing Native Missions (ANM), based in Charlottesville, was already
doing work in many of the countries hardest hit by the tsunami. Therefore,
according to ministry representative Oliver Asher, it was easy to dispatch
teams to the affected areas. “Right now, we have teams that are in India,
helping out there, teams in Sri Lanka and teams in Indonesia,” Asher says.
“So we do have folks on the ground.” ANM also has teams in the somewhat
less devastated areas, he adds, such as in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and

“When they’re passing out a bottle of water, a blanket, a lanter, a candle,
they’re passing out gospel tracts with them,” the ministry spokesman says.
“So they are definitely taking this opportunity to be a witness of the love
of Jesus Christ to the Hindus, to the Muslims, to whoever was affected,
certainly fulfilling the commandment to take the gospel to everybody.


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