At the second meeting of Project Hope and Harmony Thursday, a group formed
recently to assist day laborers in Herndon, a Reston Interfaith
representative announced that the group had $400 allocated to provide
winter coats for the laborers.

Mukit Hossain and the Muslim charity group Foundation for Immediate and
Appropriate Temporary Help (FAITH) thought this was not sufficient. They
began contacting Muslim businesses and charitable organizations and by
Saturday morning had more than $10,000 in pledges to buy winter coats and
food for the day laborers; 15 people volunteered to distribute coats
Saturday morning.

They distributed about 30 coats Saturday, Hossain said, and made a list of
others who need coats. Those people will be invited to a community dinner
this week where they will be able to pick up their new coats.

Hossain said the recipients of the coats were extremely happy. Even though
it was a warm day, he said, they ripped off the tags and put on the new
coats right away.

“We were all wearing T-shirts, and they wanted to put on their winter
coats,” he said. “It really was a wonderful, human moment…


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