This is the letter CAIR has written to America’s top law enforcement official Attorney General Eric Holder accusing the Department of Justice of using anti Muslim trainers to teach city and state police about how to deal with the Muslim community and demanding the practice stop.
CAIR says openly Muslim bashing groups like this one run by neoconservative Frank Gaffney head of a right wing think tank in Washington have been hired to educate local state and federal cops about Muslims, but says CAIR director Nihad Awad who wrote the letter, the result is misinformation about Muslims paid for with taxpayer dollars. …
Awad says the government should not be paying people who see Muslims as a suspect community to train police. And that self described experts, many of them openly contemptuous of the Muslim community that the government hires are teaching local police that so-called radical Muslims are conducting a quote stealth jihad in the United States to take over the country. Complete nonsense says CAIR which wants Holder to review the training programs and make sure what the cops are being taught is accurate.
The department of justice has not yet responded to CAIR’s demands, but a spokesman says the government is protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties in the use of expert to educate police and legal professionals about a basic understanding of Islam in what it calls sensitivity training for law enforcement.
CAIR is drafting other letters to Dept of Homeland Security and Dept of Defense demanding same as DOJ not to use anti Muslim trainers.


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