This is the first 5 minutes of the Passing Down the Legacy documentary. Watch the video below.
Passing Down the Legacy follows the Bridging Communities youth program in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. This program was established as a proactive response by Japanese American Citizens League, Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress and Council on American-Islamic Relations to a number of incidents of hate and intolerance incurred by the American Muslim community in the long aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
Recognizing the similarities that Japanese Americans faced in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor ultimately resulting in Japanese American incarceration, Bridging Communities was meant to build solidarity and partnership between these two communities. This documentary captures the culmination of the program as the students visit Manzanar, Tule Lake and Minidoka where they must face history, connect to the present and learn the importance of taking action for the future.
Watch the preview:

Passing Down the Legacy Preview from Marissa Kitazawa on Vimeo.


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