OKLAHOMA CITY – A federal appeals court upheld a temporary stop to our state’s ban on sharia law.
Voters overwhelmingly passed the constitutional amendment in November 2010, but it still hasn’t gone into effect because of a fierce court battle.
The amendment bans state courts from considering international and Islamic – or Sharia – Law, when deciding cases.
The man suing the state says Oklahomans were asked to vote on something that was unconstitutional.
Muneer Awad has been fighting for this day for more than a year and the fight’s not over.
“We’re just hopeful that we can carry the momentum to continue to show politicians that this type of legislation, legislation that targets religious minorities, is unconstitutional,” Awad said.
Awad is the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma. He filed a lawsuit that claims banning Sharia Law targets Muslims.
“It demonized Muslims by saying they are somehow a unique threat to the state of Oklahoma. The law says that on its face,” Awad said. (More)


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