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. . . It’s Elena Kagan centrist judicial nominee, solicitor general of the United States and incidentally orthodox Jew caricatured as a Muslim man wearing a turban. You stay classy ” Washington Times.” This is actually the second time the conservative newspaper, the ” Washington Times,” has run a picture of Elena Kagan in a turban. They’ve done so twice now. Yes. There it is again. Both times alongside columns lambasting Elena Kagan by a man named Frank Gaffney. Mr. Gaffney has decided that Elena Kagan is part of the secret conspiracy to impose Shariah law on the United States. You know, like all the Jews want. The ” Washington Times” has actually run two versions of Frank Gaffney’s ” Elena Kagan is part of a secret plot to impose Shariah law” column. Both times, they illustrated those columns with Elena Kagan in a turban.

If the name Frank Gaffney is ringing a bell for you, it’s because he’s made a little bit of a name for himself constructing all kinds of awesome conspiracy theories many of which involve logos and secret symbolism and Muslims. It’s like the ” Da Vinci Code,” only even more fake. When President Obama gave a little nod to the Saudi king last year, Frank Gaffney was there to expose the true meaning behind the otherwise totally standard gesture of respect. (More)


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