Enver Sehovic watched Sunday from the steps of Burlington’s City Hall as passers-by poured coffee into hundreds of white, porcelain cups arranged on the brick promenade. His daughter conceived the memorial to honor the 8,000 Muslim men and boys systematically killed 16 years ago in Srebrenica, a city in Sehovic’s native Bosnia and Herzegovina. …

Today, mourners will attend a funeral for 613 victims of the massacre, whose remains were found in mass graves and identified through DNA analysis.

Aida Sehovic, an artist and 2002 University of Vermont graduate, has organized similar displays throughout Europe, including in the Bosnian cities of Sarajevo and Tuzla.

She calls the memorial “Sto te nema?” which means “Why are you not here?” and “Where are you?” — a tribute to the women who poured coffee while waiting for the men and boys who never returned. (More)


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