We expect more from Sen. Barbara Boxer, a well-principled legislator with a long track record of carrying an enlightened torch for her constituents. Thus when she recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to young Basim Elkarra, executive director of the Sacramento chapter of the distinguished national group Council on American Islamic Relations, it was another example of her enlightened leadership.

But she was swarmed by right-wing pro-Israelists in a manner Americans of goodwill have come to identify as a nasty technique of threat and harassment. These same elements viciously attacked President Carter because his new book on Israeli apartheid in Palestine has broken the taboo against holding Israel accountable for its illegal, unfortunate acts. Polls of American voters solidly support policies like Carter’s middle ground. The Bee is to be thanked for Ginger Rutland’s wise and thoughtful reflections on Sen.

Boxer’s “CAIR takeaway” (editorial notebook, Jan. 5). It set the right tone, after Boxer’s sour note.

Mary Bisharat, Carmichael
Special to The Bee / Molina


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