CAIR: Koran Burning Initially Went Unnoticed (Wash. Post)

Wearing a judicial robe and doling out a punishment selected through an online poll, the pastor of a tiny Florida church on March 20 declared Islam's holy book "guilty of crimes against humanity and ordered it set ablaze in a portable fire pit.
In a video later posted on the Dove World Outreach Center's Web site, the pastor can be heard saying that the Koran smoldered "very good and that the flame would work well for burgers or marshmallows.
Compared with last September, when the world was riveted by the Rev. Terry Jones's threat to burn the Koran, the bizarre mock "trial last month of the Muslim scripture went largely unnoticed in the United States. ...
But after an angry mob killed seven people at a United Nations office in northern Afghanistan, faith leaders rushed Friday to condemn the killings and Jones's actions, which could reverberate throughout the Muslim world. ...
Representatives of several major Muslim American organizations held a joint conference in Washington to denounce the killings. Among them were the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. (More)


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