CAIR-LA: Muslims Troubled by 'Towelhead' Title

Muslim leaders are urging movie executives at Warner Bros. to retitle their new movie TOWELHEAD because the word is "offensive and exploitative".
Los Angeles members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) insist the derogatory term is offensive to American Muslims and Arab-Americans. They go so far as to state the term 'towelhead' as "a racial and religious slur".
In a letter sent to studio executives, the Islamic civil rights and advocacy group has asked that the film, directed by Alan Ball, be called Nothing is Private - a title previously used in some markets.
CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush writes, "The word is commonly used in a derogatory manner against people of the Muslim faith or Arab origin... We have no desire to inhibit the creative process or your right to produce any film you wish. However, I ask you to take the above concerns into consideration and examine the social implications of releasing the film under its current title.
"It is unfortunate that a major film studio would choose to exploit an ethnic slur as a sensational promotion for a movie. Mainstreaming a bigoted term in this manner will only serve to legitimize and normalize anti-Muslim prejudice in our society."
The film, starring Aaron Eckhart, Summer Bishil and Toni Collette, is adapted from Alicia Erian's novel about a young Arab-American girl's struggles with life and sexual obsession. The heroine of Erian's story is dubbed 'Towelhead' by some ignorant and bigoted Americans.


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