CAIR-MD/VA: Muslim Girl Exempted from Gym Shorts


BURKE, September 28 (UPI) - A Muslim ninth-grader attending a Virginia high school may wear Islamic attire in gym class, although she had faced failure in the class for such action.

The Maryland and Virginia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Thursday that a teacher at Lake Braddock High School "allegedly wrongfully asserted that the law required that the student wear the shorts."

The girl's family contacted CAIR-MD/VA for assistance in resolving the issue. Following discussions with school officials, the student was moved to a different gym class and will be allowed to dress in attire that meets her religious needs.

CAIR-MD/VA also agreed to conduct diversity training for some of the school's newer staff.

Finally, the group said it has launched an initiative to visit local middle and high schools to review their policies for accommodating the religious needs of Muslim students during Ramadan, Eid and throughout the school year.


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