CAIR-MI: Anti-Profiling Law Passed in Detroit (Detroit News)


In response to the concerns from groups representing Latinos, Muslims and people of Arab descent, the Detroit City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Wednesday that prohibits city officials from profiling people based on their appearance, race and other factors.

The ordinance also prohibits city officials from asking the immigration status of people not involved in serious crimes.

"We are pleased the ordinance passed, but our support of the ordinance is not support for people coming to America and breaking the law," said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Michigan.

"We are against the harassment of people who are residents of Detroit or who come to Detroit, based on their physical appearance."

Exceptions are in the ordinance for police investigating active crimes, if the immigration status is relevant and assisting in federal investigations of terrorism.

Detroit joins Chicago and Los Angeles as major cities that have similar prohibitions.


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