CAIR-OH: Vigil for Gas Station Shooting Victim

When FOX 8 aired video this week of a man being shot as he pumped gas at an east side gas station, many Clevelanders were outraged.
49-year-old Fazlidden Yakubov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, had called out to his son in their native language, when a group of men began taunting him.
A short time later, someone unleashed a barrage of bullets, striking Yakubov in the stomach.
Friday, Clevelanders gathered near the spot where the gunman crouched behind a fence and shot Yakubov.
His family and members of the Council on American-Islamic relations are convinced it was a hate crime.
Isam Zaiem of the Council on American-Islamic relations says "Should I be concerned about my safety as an American citizen who happens to speak a foreign language?"
The crime has galvanized leaders of many religions who despite their different views, have come together to denounce the mindless intolerance that sparked the gunfire.


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