CAIR Video News Update, August 23, 2013

If you missed any recent news impacting the American Muslim community, here's a 5-minute video review.



Topics covered in the video include:

  • CAIR-Chicago Stops Anti-Muslim Police Training
  • CAIR-FL Challenges Anti-Muslim Hate Group Speaker
  • CAIR-MN Offers Free Legal Clinic
  • CAIR-FL Seeks Transparency for Probe of FBI Shooting
  • CAIR-WA Launches Educational Campaign Using Eid Gifts
  • CAIR Director Issues Arabic Appeal for Release of Priest Held in Syria
  • CAIR Comments on Developments in Egypt
  • CAIR Notes Increase in Media Coverage of Ramadan
  • Muslims Urged to Join March on Washington Anniversary Events
  • Registration for CAIR Banquet Now Online

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