CAIR Video: Opposition to NY Mosque 'Islamophobia Pure and Simple'

Sept. 11 families turn out to oppose the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.

City residents that are concerned about plans for a mosque to be built near the World Trade Center site will have to wait to see if it will actually be constructed.

Emotions ran high Tuesday at a meeting of the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission. The vote, however, won't be held until later this summer.

At issue: whether to grant landmark status to a building near ground zero, where a Muslim group wants to build a mosque.

"It's called Islamophobia pure and simple and do not allow ... Now, you see, if this is the voice, if this is the voice of reason then we've got a lot to contend with," said Zead Ramadan of the Council on Islamic-American Relations New York. (More)


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