Creating connections, changing hearts and minds

The tragic massacre targeting a mosque in Quebec, Canada on January 29, 2017, ended the lives of six Canadian Muslims and injured many more. It was not the first time our communities were targeted, but it was among the most deadly acts of violence in recent history. Then, on May 26, 2017, in Oregon, three […]

Bringing free legal services and advocacy to your state

As the need for CAIR’s services grows, so does our network of chapters nationwide.  The Chapter Department’s goal is to create a strong, sustainable nationwide infrastructure, with professionally-run, grassroots CAIR chapters serving communities in all 50 states. Currently, CAIR has 35 chapters and offices in 27 states, including CAIR’s National headquarters in Washington, D.C. In […]

Fighting the unconstitutional ‘Muslim Ban’

CAIR’s National headquarters and chapters nationwide, alongside other American Muslim and ally organizations, are working every day to respond to the unconstitutional Muslim Ban. On January 30, 2017, CAIR filed one of the first challenges to the unconstitutional Muslim Ban, Sarsour v. Trump, just days after the Trump Administration issued its first Muslim Ban executive […]

Fighting unconstitutional ‘watch list’ and ‘no fly lists’

Every person in America deserves equal treatment under law. That is the promise of the Constitution and that’s what CAIR, along with American Muslim and allied organizations, works every day to ensure.  In 2017, we won another major legal victory challenging the unconstitutional ‘watch list’. The plaintiffs in that lawsuit included an 11-month-old baby, which […]

Educating decision-makers with facts

Did you know that in 2017, CAIR distributed 4,000 educational guides including our ‘Know Your Rights’ guides, ‘Challenging Islamophobia’ guides, and our guides to Islamic practices in the workplace, schools, among many more? Through the web site, and a fully staffed advocacy department, we also ensure that decision-makers are educated about ‘experts’ and educate them information […]

CAIR’s Explore the Quran Campaign

This campaign was a product of CAIR’s strategic approach to reshaping perceptions about Islam and Muslims. In 2005, a CAIR survey confirmed earlier findings that 60 percent of Americans are not knowledgeable about Islam. However, a significant percentage welcomed the opportunity to learn about Islam. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans said that they would like […]