2006 Civil Rights Report: The Struggle for Equality

Executive Summary As America approaches the fifth anniversary of the 9/11terror attacks, our society finds itself at a historic crossroads. Like all watershed events that have occurred throughout American history, the laws, policies and sociopolitical climate that our nation adopts during times of war has a long-lasting impact on all aspects of our society. At […]

2005 Civil Rights Report: Unequal Protection

Executive Summary Nearly four years removed from the 9/11 terror attacks, the greatest tragedy to befall our nation in modern history, our country has learned certain lessons that will hopefully lead us to a stronger, safer and more vibrant society for people of all races, faiths and cultures. Since the 9/11 attacks, the most disturbing […]

2009 Civil Rights Report: Seeking Full Inclusion

Executive Summary For the 2008 calendar year, CAIR and its affiliate chapters processed a total of 2,728 civil rights complaints. This number represents a 3 percent increase in reported cases from 2007 (2,652 reports) and an 11 percent increase over cases reported in 2006 (2,467 reports). The occurrence of reported civil rights complaints continues to […]

2007 Civil Rights Report: Presumption of Guilt

Executive Summary Since 1996, prompted by the anti-Muslim backlash that followed the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued an annual report on the status of American Muslim civil rights. Each year, CAIR’s civil rights report has shown an increase in the […]

2008 Civil Rights Report: Without Fear of Discrimination

Executive Summary For the 2007 calendar year, CAIR and its affiliate chapters processed a total of 2,652 civil rights complaints. Incidents of anti-Muslim hate crime complaints went down by 19 percent. Alleged incidents at schools or involving the police decreased 31 percent and 42 percent respectively. Discrimination in the workplace increased by 18 percent, with […]

2001 Civil Rights Report: Accommodating Diversity

Executive Summary This year’s report records a 15 percent increase in the number of complaints over the previous year. The first edition of this publication, the 1996 report, underscored the fact that American Muslims encounter intolerance in their daily life. The 1997 report documented a dramatic rise in the number of complaints received by CAIR’s […]

In the Courts

Most CAIR civil rights cases are resolved outside of court. However, CAIR is currently issuing broader legal challenges to a variety of policies and practices affecting the Muslim community. These include: Warrantless GPS tracking Amicus brief to U.S. Supreme Court No-fly list litigation Warrantless GPS Tracking: Yasir Afifi In the beginning of 2011, Yasir Afifi, […]