Use Your Voice, Share Your Story

We are looking for American Muslims willing to share stories of their lives, contributions, hopes and dreams in media interviews. We are also looking for non-Muslim allies who are leaders in business, military, law enforcement, faith and other sectors, as well as everyday people, who are allies to American Muslims. Your participation will counter stereotypes […]

Become an Ally

By publicly and vocally speaking about the American Muslim children and families they know, allies””leaders as well as everyday people who are not American Muslims themselves””have done an enormous amount to promote understanding of American Muslims’ lives. An ally can show support for American Muslim friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, family members and others in a […]


The CAIR internship and externship program *Note* For Fall 2021 Semester Applicants: CAIR National will be recruiting and accepting Fall 2021 applicants with the understanding that the positions will be conducted on a remote basis due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. All applicants will be considered equally whether you will be physically in Washington DC […]