Your support this Dhul Hijjah empowers Muslims in America for the continuing journey to full equality.

Thank you for joining CAIR to build a legacy of empowerment and protection for future generations.

Like Ibrahim, we are called to faith and sacrifice for future generations, to overcome obstacles that only seem insurmountable until we submit ourselves and humbly reflect on our small part in a much greater plan.

As a people, we came together to meet the challenges of the past. Now, we must come together again this Dhul Hijjah to empower, protect, and strengthen our community – building an eternal legacy for the future. By the will of Allah (SWT), your generous donation today will bless our children’s children for generations to come.

Your generous support is building a legacy.

You can make a one time gift or maximize your spiritual reward with an automated daily gift during the 10 best days for prayer and good deeds. As we celebrate Dhul Hijjah and centuries of Muslim tradition together, take a few minutes to plan ahead through MyTenDays automated giving.

Donations to CAIR are tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible. Did you know you can double the impact of your gift by asking your employer to match your donation?

Because of your support, CAIR is aggressively confronting and overturning these injustices.

  • Muslim workers denied state contracts for refusing to sign loyalty oaths to Israel
  • Muslim women who lose their jobs because they refused to remove hijab
  • Muslim students who are physically attacked and bullied because of their names
  • Muslim families who cannot reunite because of the government’s no-fly list
  • Muslim incarcerees, who are denied iftar after sunset and forced to starve
  • Muslim citizens threatened with an ultimatum: Be an informant, or be exiled