Encyclopedia of Quran Explores Concepts, People, Places


Washington - With the publication of the fifth and final volume of the Encyclopedia of the Quran, Georgetown University professor Jane McAuliffe believes she and her editorial contributors have filled an important gap in Western reference material on the text that more than a billion Muslims regard as the word of God.

"There really is no first-rate reference work on the Quran in Western languages," McAuliffe said during a recent interview with the Washington File. "If you look at a correlative field such as biblical studies & there are dozens of encyclopedias of the Bible or dictionaries, et cetera, and there was nothing of that genre available for the Quran. It was an obvious and a rather big hole in the field."

McAuliffe and her editorial assistants collected nearly 1,000 articles from quranic scholars around the world to produce a comprehensive reference work on the concepts, practices, personalities and places associated with the Muslim holy text.


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