FL: Media Gives McCain Pass on His Pins, Preachers

Is there a double standard for John McCain?

Barrack Obama has seen and heard his former minister on an endless loop on network and cable news channels. He has also endured questions about why he doesn't wear a flag pin (as if doing so makes one more patriotic). I have reviewed dozens of photos and video clips of Sen. McCain and cannot find one where he is wearing a flag pin. Why hasn't the media asked Sen. McCain why he doesn't wear a flag pin?

And what about the radical preachers who have endorsed Sen. McCain? Sen. McCain said he was proud to have been endorsed by the likes of the Rev. John Hagee, who called the Catholic Church the "Great Whore of Babylon"; the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, who said the people of New Orleans brought Hurricane Katrina on themselves because of sin; and the Rev. Rod Parsley, who calls Islam a "false religion."

The media thus far have been silent about Sen. McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal, which cost taxpayers nearly $3 billion when his friend's Lincoln Savings and Loan collapsed. That collapse also cost 17,000 investors, many of them elderly, nearly $190 million. And what about the free trips Sen. McCain and his family took on Keating's dime to a private resort in the Bahamas, which Sen. McCain did not report until after the scandal broke?

Will the media ask Sen. McCain about these indiscretions? One cable network says "We report, you decide." But will they decide to report?

Bill Underwood



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