FL: Tampa Trib Owes Readers an Exam of Fechter's Work


John Sugg is "silly," pouts Michael Fechter, who has worked an overlapping 17 years for the Tampa Tribune and 13 years for Steve Emerson, a propagandist for extremist, no-peace-at-any-price Likudniks and neocons in Israel and America.

Fechter gave up the minor facet of his vocation, his Tribune desk, earlier this month.

I was hilariously silly a decade ago when I asked Fechter why one of his first articles about Sami Al-Arian had tried to pin the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing on, and only on, Palestinian and Lebanese groups. The article, via Fechter's (and Emerson's) trademark guilt-by-association, made it clear that ONLY Arab groups were suitable suspects in the terrorist attack.

"[T]errorism experts in the United States and elsewhere say [the] bombing in Oklahoma City bears the characteristics of other deadly attacks linked to Islamic militants," Fechter wrote.

Fechter's response to my question was that Arabs were the sole "plausible" perps, based on his "sources."

Those sources? Chanting "Arabs, Arabs" as the smoke rose over the Oklahoma City federal building, they included Emerson (in his most famous and glaring error), Daniel Pipes (who believes the only solution to the Middle East is to utterly crush, kill and subjugate Palestinians) and Oliver "Buck" Revell, a rogue ex-agent for the FBI who has teamed up with a Likud spy, Yigal Carmon, in a "consulting business." That outfit's main purpose seems to be to lead cheers for Emerson, and members emerged last week to hooray Fechter's change of paychecks, if not mentors. Moreover, as former CIA counterterrorism chief Vince Cannistraro has told me, the Emerson cheerleading squad is Israeli-funded, not that Fechter ever told you such things in the Tribune.


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