As-salaamu alaykum (peace be upon you),

Have you struggled to build an Islamic school in your community? Imagine if, in addition to the funding and logistical challenges, the city repeatedly denied you permission to build.

The words above are from a poem by a young Muslim at the Michigan Islamic Academy, which has been denied the right to build a new school on vacant land, even though the school met every requirement put forth by the township’s planning commission.

After meetings with city officials and public hearings did not bring results, CAIR attorneys filed a lawsuit to ensure that the school gets built. Earlier this year a federal judge ruled that the case can move forward.

Twenty-two students at the current facility sent handwritten pleas like the one above to the township asking them to give permission to build. The new school would be big enough to serve 360 students. Let’s make their dream come true.

Every day, around the country, CAIR is fighting similar legal battles on behalf of American Muslims and in support of constitutional rights.

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