As-salaamu alaykum (peace to you).

“I have placed the CAIR Quran in our chapel along with the Bible and Torah as a symbol of openness and inclusivity. Thank you for such a lovely gift and your efforts to enlighten humanity of its similarities versus its differences.” – A hospital chaplain


“Our library recently received your gift of the amazingly beautiful book … We are delighted to add it to our collection. While we have a translation on our shelves, having one accompanied by the original text and commentary will be much more meaningful for those opening the pages.” – A librarian at a public library


“[W]e would like to extend our appreciation to you for your donation of a Quran. Your thoughtfulness reflects the concern that you feel for our Veterans and for the service they provided to all of us while in service to our country.” – A veterans hospital

These are just a few of the positive comments we have received from recipients of the beautiful copies of the Quran sent to your fellow Americans through CAIR’s “Share the Quran” initiative. Our surveys show that almost 90 percent of those who responded said the project was “beneficial to prevent misunderstanding and conflict.”

All our research over a number of years also indicates that levels of prejudice and stereotyping go down as the level of knowledge about Islam and Muslims goes up.

SHARE THE QURAN UPDATE: CAIR recently received an additional 50,000 copies of the Quran. We need your help to meet our goal of distributing 20,000 copies during the month of Ramadan.

Take a minute right now to donate just $10, the cost of shipping one Quran to one person. A donation of $100 will help deliver 10 Qurans, $500 delivers 50 Qurans, and so on. With your help, we can meet this goal.

Please also donate your zakat to help us meet our overall Ramadan fundraising goal of $780,000. (Remember that giving during Ramadan has multiplied blessings.)

I urge you to consider giving $10, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, or whatever you can. Share this message with your friends and family and encourage them to donate today.
CAIR is both zakat-eligible and tax-deductible.

May Allah increase your reward during this holy month.

The CAIR Share the Quran Team


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