On January 11th, 2021, we released our latest annual civil rights report,  “Islamophobia in the Mainstream.”  A major focus of the report is documenting the millions of dollars (more than 105 million over a two-year period) raised to spread misinformation and support anti-Muslim policies. As described in the report, the “Islamophobia network” is well-funded and growing, but they will not be allowed to grow in the dark. With support from our donors, CAIR is empowered to research and publish this information for the world to see. 

CAIR’s civil rights report exposes the influential and interdependent network of politicians, think tanks, scholars, religious groups, and activists that distort Islam and smear Muslims for monetary and political gain. They share an ideology of extreme anti-Muslim hate and work with one another to influence public opinion and government policy.  

Our report also outlines the landscape of Islamophobia between 2019 – 2020 by detailing more than a dozen anti-mosque incidents and anti-Muslim activity in schools, American politics and social media.     

With your support, CAIR will continue pulling back the curtain to expose hate and ignorance. Together, we can pierce the secrecy that has protected the Islamophobia network from the light of truth. 


As we begin another midterm election year, it’s important for Muslim Americans and their allies to stay involved and listen closely to how candidates underplay rightwing domestic threats and perpetuate dangerous stereotypes about marginalized communities.  

We must focus on uplifting truth and justice as the American values that define our country. In 2022, we’ll be depending on your ongoing support to empower our vital work. Keep an eye out for opportunities to give, act, and raise your voice throughout the year.