Glenn Greenwald Talk in Anaheim Next Month More Vital with NSA "Assassination" Report

Glenn-GreenwaldBy Matt Coker, OC Weekly

When Glenn Greenwald speaks in Orange County next month, he'll have more to talk about than the classified documents from Edward Snowden on the massive U.S. and British surveillance programs or the injustice of the Bradley Manning prosecution.

It was revealed Saturday that Greenwald and fellow journalist Jeremy Scahill's investigation of the United States' government found a National Security Agency (NSA) role in a "U.S. assassination program."

As we told you last month, Greenwald is set to keynote the 17th annual Faith in Freedom banquet presented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles (CAIR-LA) at the Anaheim Hilton on Nov. 16. (Read more)

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