Incitement: Allah, God Are Not the Same

Incitement: Allah, God Are Not the Same

Fort Wayne News Sentinel, 3/31/05 down.) An ecumenical movement promotes the idea that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. This is not so. Historically, the name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon god who was the chief god of many gods worshiped long before Mohammed was born. He simply eliminated the other gods. According to the Koran, Allah is so removed from man that it is impossible to know him in a personal way. There is no savior, according to the Koran.

To Muslims, salvation comes by submitting to the will of Allah through works, which never carry an assurance of being good enough. Of the many names of God in Islam, not one is "Father" or has a personal connotation. According to the Bible, God is spoken of as a personal being with intellect, emotion and will. God is knowable. The Bible speaks much of the grace of God in providing a free salvation for man through a savior. God created man with the capacity to freely choose whether to obey God. When you compare the God revealed in the Bible to the Allah who is described in the Koran, it is obvious they are not one and the same. Ken Blinco Shipshewana

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