INCITEMENT: Author Threatens Anti-Muslim ‘Holocaust'

INCITEMENT: Author Threatens Anti-Muslim 'Holocaust'

Hal Lindsey, WorldNetDaily, 7/21/05 We are tired of the "peaceful" Muslims sitting by and doing nothing to expose the disciples preaching hate and jihad in their mosques. . .Our intelligence forces all warn that it is only a matter of time before Islamic terrorist will attack our cities with weapons of mass destruction. This includes everything from nuclear to biological bombs. When one of these attacks happens, a flood of rage will burst forth, and nothing or anyone will be able to stop it. The law of the jungle will take over. Muslim communities who did nothing to stop the radicals among them will be the first targets. . .Help your fellow Americans stop them before a catastrophe strikes us all and ignites an unstoppable holocaust. (Please do not reply to this web site.)


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