Incitement: 'If Muslims are Allowed to Infiltrate Congress'

Incitement: 'If Muslims are Allowed to Infiltrate Congress'

The Merced Sun-Star

Editor: If Don Davey had studied Islam history he'd have a far different opinion about the Muslim religion. He can't name one Islam country without oil or dope that's better off economically than the United States, and that's because they let a poorly written Koran, which is nothing but a plagiarism of the Bible, rule their citizens. . .

Muhammad even had to use terrorism to move into Mecca according to history written at that time, and terrorism has been used endlessly since to overthrow established governments, one after the other until most of North Africa, the Middle East, and southern and mid-Asia have been conquered by radical Muslims.

The last thing we need here is a country ruled by the Koran. And, if Muslims are allowed to infiltrate our Congress and local governments, this country will wilt into the lifestyle of a Uzbekistan or a Kazakhstan where only a few can read and write, and American sports and other entertainment will disappear. There will be no elected government representatives, because a Muslim cleric will be the dictator. . .

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