INCITEMENT WATCH: Islam Hostile to Non-Muslims

INCITEMENT WATCH: Islam Hostile to Non-Muslims

Charles Morris, York Daily Record, 8/3/05 In 1554, after a coalition of European armies turned back Islamic invaders at the very gates of Vienna, the defeated Muslim leader, “Sueleiman The Magnificent” vowed that Islam would return to finish the job “even if it took 500 years.” Do the arithmetic. It's almost exactly 500 years since Pan Arab Islamic terrorists began attacking western nations — in the first instance by attacking Israel, then by hijacking airplanes, and each time escalating the violence on a pre-arranged schedule. The imbeciles in our country who call Islam a peaceful religion ignore the very precise words in the Koran, which instruct all faithful Muslims with respect to “infidels” (non-believers). They are to be treated in the following order: converted, enslaved or finally, killed to the very last man, woman or child.

Anyone who claims otherwise has not read the Koran, nor studied history. The most respected Islamic historian, Ibn Khaldun, who wrote an extensive text about 1377, made it clear how Muslims should feel about any non-Muslims. He said that all blacks and westerners (in those days Europeans), were by nature fit only to be slaves and should not be permitted self-government. His book “The Muquaddimah” is available on or through your local bookstore. It's very specific, and is still referred to extensively by Arab “scholars.” Any of our congressional, media or religious “leaders” who deny the basic hostile plans of Islam to the West, take note. Not having their own technology, clever Arabs waited to borrow ours and are using it in their war of extermination against the West.



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