Incitement Watch: Muslims 'in a Riot of Reproduction'

Incitement Watch: Muslims 'in a Riot of Reproduction'

Suzanne Fields, Washington Times, 1/16/06

The birth dearth puts us at a growing disadvantage because the most intolerant cultures usually engage in a riot of reproduction. Between 1970 and 2000 the Muslim world accounted for 26 percent of the increase in the world's population while the Western countries accounted for under 9 percent. During those same years the developed world -- the euphemism for the West -- declined from just under 30 percent of the world's population to just over 20 percent, while the Islamic world grew from 15 to 20 percent. The implication of these statistics is clear.

We argue over whether America was founded on the ideals of our Judeo-Christian faiths; we're told it's at least impolite to think so. Muslims, even many of the peaceful Muslims, work for the day when their progeny will live in an Islamic world.


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