Florida Family Association

Role in the Islamophobia movement: grassroots organization

Key individuals: David Caton, president director and treasurer; Sandra Loughrie, director and secretary; Robert Riggs, director

Based in Tampa, Florida

Updated December 2011

FFA is a fringe right-wing group. They received national attention when home improvement chain Lowe's pulled its ads from TLC's "All American Muslim" program after pressure from FFA.

David Yerushalmi

Role in Islamophobia network: Legal, policy advocate

Society of Americans for National Existence, founder

Center for Security Policy, legal counsel

Based in Arizona

Updated August 2012

David Yerushalmi (aka David Beychok) is legal counsel to many in the Islamophobia network.

"There is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote." - David Yerushalmi, "On Race: A Tentative Discussion," The McAdam Report, May 12, 2006. (Source: http://www.mcadamreport.org/The%20McAdam%20Report%28585%29-05-12-06.pdf, accessed August 2012)

Pamela Geller and Stop Islamization of America

Role in Islamophobia Network: blogger, author, grassroots organizer, media personality

Stop Islamization of America, co-founder

American Freedom Defense Initiative, co-founder

Atlas Shrugs, creator

Based: New York, New York

Updated: August 2012

Pamela Geller has been described as a "caustic mouthpiece" for the Islamophobia movement. She is the editor of the blog Atlas Shrugs, the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, and co-founder of the organization, Stop Islamization of America.