Download ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides

Download “Know Your Rights” guides in Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Farsi, Somali, Urdu, and English   English: Know Your Rights as a Student Know Your Rights as an Employee Know Your Rights With Law Enforcement/FBI Know Your Rights While Traveling What to Do After a Hate Crime/Incident   Arabic: Know Your Rights as a Student Know […]

Your Rights with Law Enforcement

American Muslims strongly support law enforcement and the protection of our national security. As Americans, we also value civil rights. All Americans have the constitutional right to due process and to be politically active. If you know of any criminal activity taking place in your community, it is both your religious and civic duty to […]

Your Rights as an Employee

Federal law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of religion, race or national origin. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act guarantees your right to: Reasonable religious accommodation. The failure of an employer to reasonably accommodate your religious practices may constitute employment discrimination. “Religious practices”� include […]

Your Rights as an Airline Passenger

As an airline passenger, you are entitled to courteous, respectful and non-stigmatizing treatment by airline and security personnel. It is illegal for law enforcement officials to perform any stops, searches, detentions, or removals based solely on your race, religion, national origin, sex, or ethnicity. If you believe you have been treated in a discriminatory manner, […]

Your Rights as a Student

You have the right to wear religious clothing. You also have the right to wear clothing with a religious message, as long as other clothes with similar messages are allowed. You have the right to inform others about your religion. You have the right to pass out literature or to speak to others about Islam, […]

If Faced with Discrimination on the Job

If you believe you are facing discrimination at work: Remain calm and polite. Inform the offending party that you believe his/her actions are discriminatory. Report the discriminatory action in writing to company management. Begin documenting the discrimination by saving memos, keeping a detailed journal, noting the presence of witnesses and making written complaints. Make sure […]