MA: Artists Tap Traditions of Islam for Unique Sound

For the past three years, Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art has played host to the groundbreaking series of concerts dubbed "Cultural Constructions," held twice a year. Four Boston-area musicians from different backgrounds are given a month to create a concert drawing on their traditions to make a new musical amalgam. Past concerts have featured blends of, among others, Asian, Latin American, and Turkish music, and have incorporated genres from klezmer to bluegrass, free jazz to hip-hop. Tomorrow's concert is subtitled "Diverse Voices of Islam." The participants hail from four far-flung corners of the Muslim world: Boubacar Diabate is a singer and guitarist from Mali, West Africa. Singer Tanya Mohammad Jacobs is from Pakistan, and brings with her a wide experience in world music, from French chansons to Balkan brass bands. Abdul-Wahab Kayyali, born in Beirut, to a Jordanian family of Palestinian descent, plays oud, the classical Arabic lute. Free-jazz saxophonist and Dallas native Raqib Hassan is noted for playing double-reed instruments from around the world. (MORE)


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