MO: Writer Took a Shameful Swipe at CAIR


It's a shame that Mr. Greaney chose to take a swipe at CAIR for standing up for the constitutionally protected rights of American Muslims, much in the same way as ADL and the NAACP are looking out for the rights of Jewish Americans and African Americans, respectively.

Instead of admitting that there are widespread stereotypes and open acts of racism directed against American Muslims, especially after 9/11, Mr. Greaney criticizes the civil rights group for failing to criticize violence in Iraq perpetrated by Muslims.

Surely Mr. Greaney would admit that the violence and bloodbath that have been unleashed in Iraq were brought on by President Bush's government and the Pentagon military establishment. Unless those violent actions are condemned there is no need to ask for an apology from an Islamic civil rights group in America that opposed the invasion in the first place.


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