Muslims Show Respect for Slain NJ Clan

MUSLIMS IN the Egyptian hometown of the Coptic Christian family found slain
in Jersey City reportedly have canceled celebrations of a major holiday
today out of respect for the victims.

The gesture strikes a remarkable contrast to the animosity that has
surfaced locally after some Copts asserted that a Muslim must have killed
the family over anti-Islamic statements the dad posted in an Internet chat

In Luxor, where the family lived before immigrating to Jersey City in 1997,
Muslim friends and neighbors are refraining from baking sweets, buying
gifts and other festivities common in observing Eid al-Adha, according to
an Egyptian newspaper…

Al-Wafd, one of Egypt's largest independent dailies, also reported
yesterday that a memorial service for the Armanious family was heavily
attended by Muslims, who were welcomed by the slain family's relatives


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