New Mosque Marks a First in Spokane

On Fridays 200 Muslims squeeze into a converted North Spokane home to pray. It also serves as a place for young Muslims to attend Sunday school. But soon that will change.

A parcel of land off Interstate 90 in the Spokane Valley is home to Spokane's first Mosque. Nasreen Shah, a South Hill native, says she's waited her whole life to see a Mosque pop up in Spokane.

"I just remember growing up seeing all the beautiful churches in Spokane and always wishing that we could have a place of our own and finally that dream for so many of us is becoming a reality," said Shaw.

This is what the Spokane Islamic Center is trying to accomplish. Their new facility is a $600,000 project complete with a library, kitchen, men and women's prayer areas, and a children's room.

For it to become a reality, the center needs to raise about $100,000 and they're nearing their goal.

"It is unusual for a city this size not to have a Mosque and so here's the first one, and so we're very excited about it," said Saleh Elgadi, with the Spokane Islamic Center Building Committee. (MORE)


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