NY: Muslim Train Hero to be Guest at State of Union

The Brooklyn Muslim who defended a group of Jewish subway riders after they were allegedly attacked for saying "Happy Hanukkah" last month will get an all-American reward next week - a seat at the State of the Union Address.

Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) told The Post that his one extra ticket to President Bush's speech on Monday was all he could think of to recognize Hassan Askari's selflessness, reported widely in the media, including the front page of The Post.

"I just felt very strongly about what he had done. People tend to disengage in problematic scenes. Not only did he engage, but he was Muslim," Crowley said.

Bangladeshi-born Askari, 20, jumped to the aid of four Jewish commuters when a group of thugs allegedly responded to their season's greeting by pummeling them. (MORE)


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