PBS Presents Documentary ‘Prince Among Slaves’

Prince Among Slaves will Kick-Off PBS’s February Tribute to African-American History Month by Depicting the True Story of an African Prince Enslaved in America

For Immediate Release: November 15, 2007 – On Monday, February 4, 2008 at 10:00 PM (check local listings), the National Black Programming Consortium will present on PBS, Prince Among Slaves, a one-hour documentary film on the inspiring story of an African prince who survived 40 years of enslavement in America before finally regaining his freedom and becoming one of the most famous men of his day.

Winner of the Best Documentary at the 2007 American Black Film Festival, this true story is told through feature-film styled reenactments directed by Andrea Kalin and Emmy® Award-winner, Bill Duke, through contemporary artworks, archival letters and diaries, as well as through on-camera interviews with distinguished scholars and experts. Artfully narrated by actor and hip-hop Mos Def, Prince Among Slaves is based on Dr. Terry Alford’s biography of the same name.

Prince Among Slaves tells the compelling true story of Abdul-Rahman, an African Muslim Prince who was captured in 1788 and sold into slavery in the American South. He endured the horrific Middle Passage, and ended up the “property” of a poor and nearly illiterate planter named Thomas Foster from Natchez Mississippi.

He remained enslaved for 40 years before finally regaining his freedom under dramatic circumstances, becoming one of the most famous men of his day, and returning back to Africa with his royal status acknowledged. The film ends with a family reunion between Abdul-Rahman’s African and American descendents in Natchez, Mississippi.


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  • Fatima Al Kharouf
    commented 2019-01-16 13:15:40 -0500
    Prince Among Slaves(2007) introduces the world to fact that all Slave that entered the United States and other parts of the world were not uneducated or salvages. In fact several countries inside of Africa were very established trading with India, Asia, the Middle East and various countries within Europe.

    The movie Prince Among Slaves, highlighted the Journey of Abdul-Rahman, a story that was known in Natchez Mississippi and the United States Government which can be shared for all to view in the Library of Congress, which displays a picture of Abdul-Rahman.

    In addition the movie also allowed its viewers to understand the Journey of Abdul-Rahman Sori and the acknowledgement of his family members, still alive in Natchez Mississippi and their Royal lineage. In the Movie, Dr. Artemus Gaye from Monrovia Liberia Africa was shown meeting his American family that were left behind in the United States once Prince Abdul-Rahman Sori was returned to Africa.

    In 2014,Dr. Artemus Gaye and Karen Chatman of Natchez Mississippi; both direct descendants of Abdul-Rahman’s were reinstated their official Royal titles of Sheik (Prince)and Sheika (Princess). The two Royals are using their titles for the betterment of Humanity. Dr. Gaye has written the book “Rooted Beyond Boundaries”, while Princess Karen Chatman founded one of the largest Breast Cancer organizations, Think Pink Qatar and Think Pink International, as well as sphere-headed one of the largest quest to find alternative treatments for Breast Cancer Internationally.

    The movie tell a story but the Journey is still ongoing as the Prince Still Lives in his descendants.