Permanent Bases in Iraq

If a new Iraq government should agree to let American forces stay on, how
many bases will the US request?

One, as the United States Army currently maintains in Honduras? Six, the
number of installations it lists in the Netherlands. Or maybe 12?

The Pentagon isn't saying.

But a dozen is the number of so-called "enduring bases" located by John
Pike, director of His military affairs website gives
their names. They include, for example, Camp Victory at the Baghdad
airfield and Camp Renegade in Kirkuk. The Chicago Tribune last March said
US engineers are constructing 14 "enduring bases," but Mr. Pike hasn't
located two of them.

Note the terminology "enduring" bases. That's Pentagon-speak for long-term
encampments - not necessarily permanent, but not just a tent on a wood
platform either. It all suggests a planned indefinite stay on Iraqi soil
that will cost US taxpayers for years to come


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