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3 Easy Ways You Can Use Facebook and Instagram to Raise Funds to Help CAIR Defend Civil Rights

With just a few clicks, you can help CAIR push back against this disturbing, and well-financed, campaign of bigotry.

1)      Add a ”˜Donate’ button whenever posting any content to Facebook

  1. Add any content or articles you wish to post. You can also visit you’d like to find posts about CAIR’s work.
  2. Before clicking on the “Post” button, click on the three dots next to “Feeling/Activity”
  3. Click on “Support Non-Profit” and choose “CAIR” which is CAIR National’s handle on Facebook
  4. Review your post and then click on “Post”

2)      Add a ”˜Donate’ sticker whenever posting anything to your Instagram Stories

  1. Before posting your story, swipe up to show the stickers
  2. Find and click on the ”˜Donation’ sticker and type @cair_national which is CAIR National’s Instagram handle.
  3. Then type an appeal onto the sticker such as “Help CAIR Defend Our Community’s Rights” and post your Instagram Story! You can also ”˜Send’ the story to friends on Instagram

3)      Start a Facebook fundraiser for CAIR in less than 5 minutes with these 8 simple steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Select Nonprofit”
  3. Choose “CAIR” which is CAIR National’s handle on Facebook
  4. Fill in the form with a fundraising goal and an end date for your fundraiser
  5. Click ”˜Next’ and choose a title for your fundraiser (personalize it with your name) and edit the description with reasons why you’re raising money for CAIR. Personalize this too to show the value CAIR delivers. You can borrow ideas from
  6. Pick a cover photo. You can take photos or videos from CAIR’s web site www.cair.comor Facebook page or download any of CAIR’s cool Ramadan Graphics, maybe with a hadith
  7. Invite your friends to donate to your fundraiser.
  8. Bonus: Add more photos, videos, motivational messages, etc. Be sure to also thank each person who gives!


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