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ACTION ALERT: ‪CAIR-CA Urges Support for Anti-Bullying Legislation

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Name calling, hijabs pulled, physical attacks, intimidation by fellow classmates AND staff members. CAIR has received more cases of bullying rooted in Islamophobia than ever before. Schools do not have adequate resources to support students and staff members.

Members from the Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh and South Asian (AMEMSSA) communities have overwhelmingly experienced bullying, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and violence rooted in Islamophobia. A CAIR-CA survey of over 600 students found that 55% of American Muslims experienced some form of bullying based on their religious identity. The Sikh Coalition reported that 50% of Sikh students have encountered school bullying, of which 67% of turbaned students reported bullying.

The Safe Place to Learn Act – AB 2845, sponsored by Assemblymember Das Williams, will ensure that school employees will be provided school site and community resources so that students have the assistance and support they need when faced by school bullying and discrimination. It will assess whether local educational agencies have provided information to certificated staff serving grades 7-12 and community resources for the AMEMSSA community.

AB 2845 will be heard by the Assembly Education Committee on April 20th. They need encouragement from YOU to move this bill forward. Have your voice heard! Write to the Assembly Education Committee today!

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